AUSEK 5K/30FPS Action Camera – Pro


Connectivity technology Wi-Fi
Flash memory type Micro SD
Special feature time_lapse, anti_shake
Screen size 2.4 Inches
Photo sensor technology CMOS
Camcorder type Action Camera
Model name AT-S81TR
Included components Standard accessories, 1 UV mirror, remote control, waterproof case, manual, color box + small bag
Video capture resolution 5K
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AUSEK 5K/30FPS 48MP – Action Camera – Pro

The Ausek 5K Action Camera is perfect for capturing high quality footage even when swimming. This camera can be mounted in a variety of ways, including a tripod mount, a helmet mount, and a vehicle mount. Thanks to the mounting hardware and waterproof casing supplied, this camera can be submerged for up to 40 minutes. This camera has Dual Screen Camera is compact, portable, 4K, and has a smaller front-screen LCD that’s perfect for capturing selfies or vlogging. It also has a back LCD for watching, camera configuration, and control. a Sony CMOS sensor that enables up to 48MP still photos and 5k 30fps/4k 60fps/4k 30fps video We can use this camera in many ways when we travel. You can take a photo or video of distant scenery with this camera because it has a 10x zoom. Additionally, the battery has a capacity of 1350 MAh.

Video and photo capabilities are among the most important features for any modern action camera. This particular model offers a versatile range of video and photo resolutions to meet various needs.

On the video front, it supports ultra high 5K resolution at 30 frames per second for stunning clarity. For those wanting an even higher frame rate, 4K is available at a smooth 60fps or the standard 30fps. 2.7K resolution at 60/30fps provides another high-quality option. And for general use, reliable 1080p is on hand at 60fps or 30fps, while 720p goes up to a high 120fps for ensuring no motion is missed.

Photographically, the camera doesn’t disappoint either. It can capture massive 50 megapixel photos for super high-resolution prints and export. 30MP and 24MP settings are also available. More typical resolutions like 20MP, 12MP, and 8MP are included as well for times when file size is more of a priority over maximum resolution.

Beyond standard video and photo modes, this camera is equipped for other creative uses too. Slow motion capture allows dramatic effects by recording at high frame rates. Time-lapse photography makes it easy to condense long periods into shortened clips. And loop recording continuously overwrites the oldest footage so you never run out of space.

Two screens adorn this camera to aid functionality. The rear 2-inch color screen is the main display for viewing and controlling. But a smaller 1.3-inch front screen is the perfect selfie assistant for vloggers and social media creatives. When recording yourself, you can easily frame shots using this front screen without contortions. The two screens cannot be used simultaneously though – you’ll need to press the button to swap between them.

Finally, a 2.4GHz wireless wrist remote control is included for remote operation convenience. This allows you to control recording and get your camera into creative positions that wouldn’t be possible when holding it directly. Just note that the remote cannot be used when the camera is underwater.

Overall, this action camera packs an impressive array of video and photo capabilities into its compact body. With multiple resolution options, speciality recording modes, dual screens for front/rear use, and a wireless remote – it is an extremely versatile tool for capturing life’s moments in vivid detail. Both amateur adventure seekers and professional creatives should find plenty to embrace with the powerful imaging features on offer.

What really sets this camera apart is its highly durable and adventure-ready construction. It has been built to withstand extreme environments and capture amazing footage in the most challenging conditions. A rugged exterior protects the sensitive electronics inside from drops, bumps, and crushing forces. Meanwhile, the camera is waterproof up to 30 meters deep, allowing for immersive underwater recording of aquatic life.

It can also withstand freezing temperatures down to -10°C, making it perfect for winter sports outings or cold climate expeditions. And on the opposite end, it can handle scorching heat up to 60°C, ready for recording in arid desert locales. Essentially, this camera can go anywhere you can and keep on shooting flawless videos and photos through it all.

The wide range of resolutions, creative shooting modes, dual screens, wireless remote control, and extreme durability really make this action cam a swiss army knife for capturing life’s adventures in crystal clear quality. Whether you’re a casual user or professional filmmaker, it has the versatility to handle virtually any situation you can throw at it. So start planning your next epic escapade – this camera will be ready to document it all in stunning detail.

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